Kiota House is a safari destination in itself!

We are the perfect home-base for you to experience the wonders of Africa.

Experience Africa’s wildlife they way we did 50 years ago – all alone.

The 15,000 acre private El Karama Wildlife Conservancy is the protected home of some of the world’s most charismatic – and rarest – wildlife: Reticulated giraffe, Grevy’s zebra, Laikipia hartebeest, Beisa oryx, leopard,lion, cheetah, African Wild Dog (Painted Wolf), not to mention that elephants, common zebra, impala and buffalo can often be seen from our verandah!

From the first moment you arrive in Nairobi Kenya, our team will escort you, and make sure you feel safe, happy and welcome. We arrange all aspects of your journey including transfers and flights to/from Nanyuki Airport, and all activities while staying as our guest in East Africa.
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The key to planning your next African safari is PRIVACY. The 15,000 acre El Karama Wildlife Conservancy featuring some of the most charismatic wildlife in Africa, is PRIVATE, and Kiota House in the heart of El Karama, is your own PRIVATE home base. Here you are surrounded by magnificent wildlife and gorgeous scenery. If you have always dreamed of living in the style of Karen Blixen in Out of Africa, with superb house staff and guides and protected by world class security – your dream has come true. Welcome to Kiota Safari House – your African dream home.


A cozy fire waiting for you after an exciting day with the wildlife, wine and laughter on the verandah as the stars come out, wonderful food prepared according to your dietary preference: these are but a few of the features that make Kiota Safari House your ideal home base in Africa.


Kiota Safari House features four private bedrooms each with a verandah framing gorgeous views of the gardens and river valley below. Wherever you are in Kiota Safari House you are surrounded by breathtaking scenery and enveloped by the kindness and thoughtfulness of our professional house staff.


Kiota Safari House adjoins the private 15,000-acre El Karama Wildlife Sanctuary: home to elephant, lion, leopard, cheetah, reticulated giraffe, Grevy zebra, Burchell zebra, oryx, Jackson’s hartebeest, and the rare African wild dog.

Elephant, giraffe, and gazelles often feed right in front of the house.

From the very first moment you arrive in Nairobi Kenya, our team will escort you, and make sure you feel welcomed, safe, and happy. We arrange all aspects of your journey including your transfers and flights to/from Nanyuki airport and all your activities while staying as our guest at Kiota Safari House.

  • 4 bedrooms, each with verandahs with beautiful views, and bathrooms en suite
  • 3 meals provided each day prepared by your personal gourmet chef
  • Laundry service is provided each day along with fresh towels and linens replaced every day
  • Full staff including on-site manager
  • Full length verandah + Yoga deck
  • WiFi, flat screen TV, DVD player, stereo
  • Safari game drive vehicles with guides available by arrangement at extra cost.
  • Private charter airstrip ¼ mile from the house
  • 80 minutes from Nanyuki Airport for scheduled air services
  • 60 minutes from Nanyuki town with cafés, shops & grocery stores
  • Spa services upon request
  • State-of-the-art security with satellite monitoring
  • Perfect safari experience for our group

    Our group was the first to stay at the Kiota Safari House owned by Donald Young. Walking through the front door and straight onto the large verandah – the view was stunning. Off on the horizon was Mt. Kenya and just below we spotted many elephants. The verandah became a favorite place to gather in the evening for some star gazing!

    The private chef prepared for us some wonderful meals, our favorite being his soups.

    The evenings were a bit cool so we loved having the very large fire place in the living room.

    The staff was courteous and helpful, going above an beyond.

    On our game drives we saw elephants, cheetah, lion, a female leopard with her cubs, giraffe, zebra and many more species. This is truly a magic location.

    We hope to return to Kiota Safari House in the near future.


    Paul B.

    Submitted: Feb 22, 2017
    Stayed: Aug 2016

    Perfect safari experience for our group
  • Magical Private Safari Experience in Kenya

    Having now lived in Kenya for many years, it is easy to get spoiled with wonderful experiences, especially on wildlife safaris. It was such a delight to have a new found treasure at Donald Young’s Kiota Safari House. The hospitality was unsurpassed and the privacy experienced on the game drives (abundant wildlife) was a total treat as was sitting on the verandah in the morning and evenings watching the wildlife and Mt. Kenya in the distance. Donald’s long term Chef prepared healthy, creative and delicious food. I can’t wait to return to take a bigger group to take over the house for a special event!

    Bonnie D.

    Submitted: Mar 22, 2017
    Stayed: Feb 2017

    Magical Private Safari Experience in Kenya
  • Safari Paradise

    Kiota House is truly a “nest” of beauty and peace with breath taking views of the game filled plains, the Uaso Nyiro River and majestic Mount Kenya. The beautiful interior rooms are designed around and often include dramatic rock formations. In my bedroom I placed my drawing table, one of the pieces of furniture designed by Don Young, on the patio overlooking the ever-inspiring panoramic view of the plains filled with herds of elephants and wildlife. In front of the House is a spectacular 30 year old succulent garden with winding paths and a myriad of colourful cactus plants, a maze to get lost in and emerge uplifted bearing a testimony of photographs and drawings. The staff is sensitive and caring, the cuisine unbeatable and always carefully suited to the tastes of guests. Don Young has created a piece of paradise which sings out with beauty, warmth and uniqueness in the hectic world of today.

    Carol B.

    Submitted: Mar 22, 2017
    Stayed: Dec 2016

    Safari Paradise
  • The Luxury of Peace and Comfort in The Beautiful Wilderness of The African Bush

    Kiota House is a beautiful home and extraordinarily peaceful retreat in the Laikipia region of Northern Kenya. My memories of staying there are still so vivid and bring back strong feelings of magical relaxation. The house, a large spacious design, is positioned on the escarpment and has spectacular views of Mount Kenya and the golden African plains below, traversed by wild animals and the Uaso Nyiro River. Rock Hyraxes play in the boulders surrounding the patio and many species of birds can be seen from the house. So many enjoyable hours were spent exploring the 30 year old succulent garden, with its winding paths, colourful shrubs and sweet meditation places. A large tree mysteriously covered with long hanging beard moss framed the glass sliding doors of the bedroom which were opened each morning on to the garden, flooding the room with sunlight.
    We took wonderful game drives on El Karama Ranch, seeing leopard, lions, elephant and beautiful plains game, and never once put our cameras down. Our drivers were great game spotters and companions and the house staff are delightful in every way, producing delicious and creative meals that we lingered over for many hours.
    Don Young, a wonderful friend of many years, has created one of the most beautiful retreats in Kenya which has his very personal touch, providing the luxury of peace and comfort in the wilderness of the African bush.

    Angela F.

    Submitted: Mar 23, 2017
    Stayed: Dec 2016

    The Luxury of Peace and Comfort in The Beautiful Wilderness of The African Bush
  • The Kiota House Habit

    This was not my first stay in Kiota House. I’ve been before. It’s now a habit. Set at the top of a cliff with one of the most spectacular views in Kenya, it’s an incredible first stop for the uninitiated. Elephants, giraffe, buffalos, zebra and other plains game can be seen from the veranda. There isn’t a finer place to unwind from an international flight. The view across to Mount Kenya is uninterrupted and, at dawn, awe-inspiring. The bird life is amazing too. This time it was a peaceful point to relax mid-safari between the Rift Valley and Samburu. Some of us went on game drives, others didn’t. Everybody loved it. The staff are great. ‘Mutungi’, the chef, is a legend. I can’t recommend it more highly.

    Nick W.

    Submitted: Mar 28, 2017
    Stayed: Feb 2017

    The Kiota House Habit
  • Absolutely Fantastic!

    Last February I enjoyed my fourth time on safari in Kenya over the past ten years, this time travelling with my sweetheart and brother. By chance we were able to spend a night in Kiota House while traveling between Nakuru and Samburu. And I must say, what a night! After enduring typical Kenyan roads for a few hours, entering this house is like entering a magical kingdom. Once past the beautiful gardens and in through the beautifully carved front door, you encounter one of the most stunning views I have witnessed in Kenya. The house is located on the top of an escarpment, with a view that sweeps down and away until it finally terminates at Mt. Kenya, front and center in the distance. You are looking down at an incredible tableau of wildlife, and it is all so very, very private. Directly in front of the balcony rock hyraxes, sunbirds, and weavers are in abundance. Eagles flying by. a white morph of the Paradise Flycatcher, and more. All in the first five minutes.
    Don Young is an experienced safari guide, author, and designer and having spent decades in Africa, has amassed a collection of African artifacts and furniture second to none. The house has all of the atmospheres of the golden safari days of a century ago, but with all of the modern accessories. Staff is first rate. I could spend weeks in this house without feeling any inclination to move on. This is the total African experience. Next time.

    Kevin W.

    Submitted: Mar 30, 2017
    Stayed: Feb 2017

    Absolutely Fantastic!
  • Wildlife Paradise

    From the moment you arrive at Kiota Safari House and walk up the beautiful brick driveway you sense the magic of this incomparable place. As soon as you enter the tranquility of the house you are greeted by a majestic panorama of quintessential Africa. From the moment the sun rises above Mt. Kenya to the time the lion roars at sunset you realize that you are in a paradise. Wildlife viewing is 360 degrees, and just a short walk into the world class garden reveals a delicious variety of birds. Far from the madness of East African game parks, you are mostly on your own when a leopard looks you straight in the eye and you do hear the roar of another engine…pure magic. Don Young and his team have created an experience that will have you returning time and time again.

    Don J.

    Submitted: Mar 31, 2017
    Stayed: Feb 2017

    Wildlife Paradise
  • Wow…

    I hardly know where to begin. Arriving at Kiota Safari House was just the beginning of an experience I will never forget. We were met at the airport by Newland, Tarlton representatives. Everything was taken care of. I felt so well cared for from the very moment we arrived in Kenya. Kiota Safari House itself if absolutely perfect. The gardens are beyond anything I could have ever have envisioned. Giant succulents, beautiful flowering trees, I only wish I could name everything I saw but there was just so much….WOW.

    Entering the front door at Kiota house, you look straight through to an enormous vista, you are in a “tree house” overlooking this giant savanna, it was truly breathtaking. Sitting on the terrace, sipping a cup of coffee I could look down and see elephants drinking at the river right below, and Mt. Kenya in the distance.

    The food at Kiota Safari House is beyond anything you could expect. Let’s just say, “ladies if you are on a diet, forget it for the moment” !!!! Accommodations were more than comfortable, really perfect. The beds were so cozy, with African blankets on each bed made you feel so special. Every room had a terrace and a view way beyond description.

    Don Young and his team are some of the finest people you will ever have the opportunity to meet. This is an African experience like no other.

    Sandra K.

    Submitted: May 9, 2017
    Stayed: Aug 2016


Kiota Safari House adjoins the private 12,000-acre El Karama Wildlife Sanctuary: home to elephant, lion, leopard, cheetah, Reticulated giraffe, Grevy zebra, Burchell zebra, oryx, Jackson’s hartebeest and the rare African wild dog.

Elephant, giraffe, and gazelles often feed right in front of the house.

From the very first moment you arrive in Nairobi Kenya our team will escort you, and make sure you feel welcomed, safe and happy. We arrange all aspects of your journey including your transfers and flights to/from Nanyuki airport and all your activities while staying as our guest at Kiota Safari House.