What to pack - Donald Young Safaris

What to bring?

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We supply in camp the basic amenities you'll need such as: hair dryers, flashlights, umbrellas, insect repellent, soap and shampoo, and much more. View this section to see what is…
Appropriate Safari Clothing - Donald Young Safaris.

Packing & Clothing

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For your international flights, we recommend you bring your camera, computer, toiletries, and a few pieces of essential clothing in a carry-on bag. For more packing tips please view this…
Binocular and Camera Recommendations - Donald Young Safaris

Camera & Binoculars

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We recommend you bring a good pair of binoculars for each member of your party. For more information on camera gear and binoculars please read this section.
Cell Signal in Africa - Donald Young Safaris

Electricity & Cell Signal

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Electricity for charging batteries is available continuously in our 1904 Safari Camp. For more information about connectivity please read this section.
Recommended Safari Books by Donald Young Safaris

Safari Reading List

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Our Camp Library includes a selection of the best guidebooks (Birds, Mammals, Plants, Insects, and Reptiles), as well as classics of East African history and literature. To plan your reading…
Payment policies for Donald Young Safaris

Payment & Cancellation Policy

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For information regarding deposit, payment schedule, etc., please visit this section.
Swahili Primer with Donald Young Safaris

Learn Swahili with us

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I love your country = Ninapenda nchi yako How are you? = Habari yako? I am fine, thank you = Nzuri sana, asante To learn more, view this section.
Book your trip with Donald Young Safaris

How to sign up for a trip

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We would love to discuss with you your dream safari. Here's how to get started.

Tips and Gifts

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Many people ask us to recommend appropriate tips for the safari team and gifts they can bring along on safari – especially for kids. Please read this section for our…

Spa, Massage & Retail Therapy

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We offer many optional luxury services that will bring even more joy to your safari. Read this section for more information on spa treatments, hairdressing, manicures and pedicures, massages and…

U.S. Currency Requirements

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Please note that most vendors throughout Africa will only accept U.S. currency with a date of 2000 or newer. Read this section for more details.

Dietary Restrictions

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Dietary requirements are not a problem for us and you are cared for in that regard. Before your safari you will be asked to fill out a person profile where…